MAC – No Sound on 27 21 iMac in Bootcamp

Here’s a short Solution for the Soundproblem using Bootcamp on the actual 21 and 27 iMacs.

–          Install all Bootcamp Drivers using the SnowLeopard DVD.

–          Deactivate the ATI HD Audi Device in your Device Manager.

–          Now the Sound should work!

This How To is working using Windows XP, please tell me if it also works using Windows 7.


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    • ondrashek auf 3. Juli 2010 bei 16:16

    useless… doesn`t work in xp
    it`s even worse.
    after disabling ATI HD windows media player wouldn`t even start playing (before it starts but i don`t hear anything)

    • chris m auf 13. Dezember 2010 bei 11:16

    OMG it works! but why ?!

    • xelipe auf 25. Juni 2011 bei 01:04

    Worked just fine with win7 over 27 imac! thanks!

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